Photo Retouching Brianna

Photo Retouching Brianna

Here’s a before and after video of our photo retouching process. I am the in-house photo retoucher and have been trying various methods of retouching over the years. Having a well-trained make-up artist on hand helps this process but we can still apply makeup and lighting changes in post, if necessary. Click play and enjoy the ride.

Model: Brianna Shae

Photographer: Dwayne

Hair: Marlene

Make-up: Anthony Prather




Final Edited Photo



Monica Brown

Behind the scene with Monica Brown


This was my first photo shoot with the singer Monica Brown which started off as a behind the scene video assignment. Her team reached out to us to capture some behind the scene footage of her live on TNT at Turner Studios, in Atlanta. Her personality is great. She treats everyone as family, which calms the entire room. This was my second time meeting Monica Brown. The first was a shopping meeting at a popular mall in Orlando, FL. I met up with her and her management where I showed them my portfolio and a new magazine that my team and I had recently published.


Impromptu Photo Session

Turner Studio is a massive facility. After roaming around, then meeting up with the show’s production team, Monica went live. After the show, Monica asked me to follow her outside for an impromptu photo session. The scene outside wasn’t much to work with but we made it happen. She’s a natural on camera, and that made my job very easy. We’ll be working on an official editorial photo shoot in the studio soon.

Monica-Singer-Photo-shoot-music-2 Monica-Singer-Photo-shoot-music-3 Monica-Brown-Singer-Photo-shoot-music




Photo Retouching

It was a rainy day in Johns Creek. While Marlene was at the park doing a family session, I stayed in the studio to work on a few images. Photo retouching is another step that we do in-house. Retouching images is therapeutic for me. I’ll crank the tunes and let the apple pencil flow. Below is a quick video of our beauty photo retouching process along with behind the scene pictures and the final edit.



Final Edit



Lattea Bubble Tea Mex-Grill

Lattea Bubble Tea & Mex-Grill

We were recently commissioned by Lattea Bubble Tea & Mex-Grill to take photos of a few items on their menu. This photography project lasted a few hours but we were able to knock out some amazing images.

The owner, Ricardo, with his upbeat personality, infects all of his customers with the same energy. While we were there we watched people walk in looking like they had a rough day at the office and they left with big smiles on their faces because of the owner and staff. The energy in the restaurant and amongst the employees is just great.

Jurassic Park Wings

After seeing all of the colorful and incredibly, delicious smelling plates placed in front of our camera there was no other choice but to try some of it out. Dwayne decided to go with the mango habanero chicken wings, which we playfully call Jurassic park wings, due to their ginormous size. I went with their passion fruit drink and the chicken and cheese nacho, which were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

We highly recommend this place for lunch, date nights, family outings or even business meetings. It’s not every day that you see a Mexican restaurant that offers Asian style drinks but their unique fusion works!

We had such a great time shooting this project for Lattea Bubble Tea & Mex-Grill.  We are currently working on their website, a video commercial, and other branding collateral, moving Lattea Bubble Tea & Mex-Grill into a new wave of advertising. We’re excited to be working with them and will be updating you, our readers, as we finish each project. 

Marlene – Photographer / Production Manager


beautiful-Food-Photographer-Johns-Creek-Duluth Food-Photographer-bubble-tea Food-Photographer-Lattae-Mex-Grill-50 Food-Photographer-Lattae-Mexican-restaurant-35 Food-Photographer-photography-restaurant-Lattea-Mex food-Photography-drinks-atlanta-35

Portraits for Men at the Masonic Lodge


We took a trip to the Masonic Lodge

When the request came in to shoot the newly appointed officers at the local Masonic Lodge, we were honored and ready to start the assignment. The Masons have a long standing tradition of photographing their officers. All it takes is one trip to a local Lodge, and you will see the history and culture, that these men pass down. The request wasn’t for any new style of portraiture but merely for us to follow what has the previous portraits.


The Masonic Lodge and The Vintage Backdrop

When I first saw the backdrop choice, I knew this was going to be a treat. Brother after Brother, each one of these men stood in front of the camera and had a blast. “Should I look into the lens or at you? And could you make my beard fuller? One Brother asked.  Their personalities matched the vintage whimsical nature of the backdrop choice. After a few good laughs, they were finally able to take some “straight-faced” photographs. Well, some of them were able to.

This session was truly a pleasure for us, and we look forward to working with them again.

Photographing this Canton Real Estate Property


Photographing this Canton Real Estate Property

We had the perfect weather this weekend for shooting homes. Real Estate Photography is an art form in itself. Getting the perfect shot takes patience. The outside lighting must be right in order to achieve eye-catching images during interior shots. Opening the windows gives the home a brighter more pleasant feeling. But doing this technique the wrong way will result in bright washed out windows and overblown lighting.


Shooting Real Estate is another specialty of ours here at Covet Photo Studio in Johns Creek. Our photographers take on commercial projects understanding the importance of the assignment. Without good photos, the product may not sell. Below you will view the contrast, angles, and lighting techniques we used on this beautiful Canton home. If you are in need of Real Estate Photography, feel free to contact us at 470-629-9150.

We had the perfect weather this weekend for shooting homes. Real Estate Photography is an art form in itself. Getting the perfect shot takes patience-Capri-Ridge-Canton-GA-Dining-Room-2

We had the perfect weather this weekend for shooting homes. Real Estate Photography is an art form in itself. Getting the perfect shot takes patience-Capri-Ridge-Canton-GA-Front-2 702-Capri-Ridge-Canton-GA-Dining-Room-4

Realestate-Photography-Canton-GA-Downstairs-Bathroom Realestate-Photography-Capri-Ridge-Canton-GA-Kitchen-1


Product Photography for Butter Bliss Body


Photography is more than portraits and family photos. Product Photography makes the sale.

Here at Covet Photo Studio, we walk our clients from start to finish. Today we wrapped up our product photography shoot for Butter Bliss Body. Along with photos, our client commissioned us to create a logo for her company, along with other collateral to market her cosmetic beauty line. Creating art for clients like this is truly fantastic. Brand development is a part of our job, and we love it. Below are a few product shots, logo, website captures, and a behind the scene look. We are truly grateful for having clients like this. We encourage you to try her products by visiting Are you in need of a new look?





Product Photography for Butter Bliss Body


Web Design With E-Commerce Shopping Cart


New Signage and Door Displays


New Signage and Door Displays

Welcome to our new blog. We are excited to share our weekly studio updates and showcase our projects here. Covet Photo Studio is located in Johns Creek, and we are honored that the community has welcomed us with open arms. Our new signage is being quoted out by Mike with Signs By Tommorw but our door displays are up and beautiful.

Photography Studio Update

The studio is coming along one day at a time. Marlene and I have been painting, cleaning, planning, shaking hands with neighbors, and visualizing your amazing faces in front of our cameras. Please join our mailing list where we send out special invitations for model castings, art projects, and meetups. Hope to see you soon and stay creative.


Dwayne Moore



Mike in front of Covet Photography Studio Johns Creek