Lattea Bubble Tea Mex-Grill


Lattea Bubble Tea & Mex-Grill

We were recently commissioned by Lattea Bubble Tea & Mex-Grill to take photos of a few items on their menu. This photography project lasted a few hours but we were able to knock out some amazing images.

The owner, Ricardo, with his upbeat personality, infects all of his customers with the same energy. While we were there we watched people walk in looking like they had a rough day at the office and they left with big smiles on their faces because of the owner and staff. The energy in the restaurant and amongst the employees is just great.

Jurassic Park Wings

After seeing all of the colorful and incredibly, delicious smelling plates placed in front of our camera there was no other choice but to try some of it out. Dwayne decided to go with the mango habanero chicken wings, which we playfully call Jurassic park wings, due to their ginormous size. I went with their passion fruit drink and the chicken and cheese nacho, which were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

We highly recommend this place for lunch, date nights, family outings or even business meetings. It’s not every day that you see a Mexican restaurant that offers Asian style drinks but their unique fusion works!

We had such a great time shooting this project for Lattea Bubble Tea & Mex-Grill.  We are currently working on their website, a video commercial, and other branding collateral, moving Lattea Bubble Tea & Mex-Grill into a new wave of advertising. We’re excited to be working with them and will be updating you, our readers, as we finish each project. 

Marlene – Photographer / Production Manager


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